6. Ionisation Energies

This Study Mind Tutorial covers the following specification points:

CIE: 1.4.1 - 1.4.8

1.4.1. understand reasons for the trend in ionisation energy down Group 2

1.4.2. understand reasons for the trend in reactivity of the Group 2 elements down the group

1.4.3. know the reactions of the elements Mg to Ba in Group 2 with oxygen, chlorine and water

1.4.4. know the reactions of the oxides of Group 2 elements with water and dilute acid, and their hydroxides with dilute acid

1.4.5. know the trends in solubility of the hydroxides and sulfates of Group 2 elements

1.4.6. understand reasons for the trends in thermal stability of the nitrates and the carbonates of the elements in Groups 1 and 2 in terms of the size and charge of the cations involved

1.4.7. understand the formation of characteristic flame colours by Group 1 and 2 compounds in terms of electron transitions Students will be expected to know the flame colours for Groups 1 and 2 compounds.

1.4.8. understand experimental procedures to show:

(i) patterns in thermal decomposition of Group 1 and 2 nitrates and carbonates

(ii) flame colours in compounds of Group 1 and 2 elements

62. Ionistaion Energies.pdf
62. Ionisation Energies.pdf
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